Retina Advanced Mode

Advanced mode includes all Retina Filter Functions and combines them in eight predefined profiles (Auto Color, Auto Contrast, Auto Level, Auto Saturation, Automatic, Landscape, Macro, and Portrait Mode).

The settings for each of the profiles can be modified, saved and restored to default. Additional personal profiles can be created and saved.  The Advanced function offers additional filters for Contrast, Brightness, Gamma and Level (dark, midtone, highlights) in absolute mode.

This is complemented by a Smart Fade and the Final Touch mode, which provides Contrast, Brightness and Level adjustments independently for each color channel (R,G,B).

Global Fade provides a smart blend of the processed and original image. The function is non linear and influenced by the applied filters.

Final Touch allows Contrast, Brightness and Levels (shadow, midtone, highlights) to be adjusted independently for each channel (R,G,B) in perceptual and absolute mode.

The Color Filter function allows the color balance of the image to be adjusted by specifying a photographic color filter.

Advanced Mode includes an Auto Classification function which automatically categorizes pictures. The algorithm detects the type of problem and selects a specific set of filters and settings for the picture.


For additional information about the Advanced Filter function and how to use it follow the Related Topic link.